SpaceHost™: Peralta Design Now Offers Web Hosting!

Desk with laptop against earth seen from space

SpaceHost has blasted into the web hosting arena!

Fasten your seat belts, We’re Ready for Lift OFF!

The crew of the Starship PD at Peralta Design has blasted into the world of web hosting at warp speed: introducing SpaceHost! Teleport to a new dimension of web services at and you will access an array of new services such as:

  • Web Hosting
  • Spam-free Email
  • Web Marketing
  • Secure SSL Certificates
  • And more!

Exploring a new frontier?

Today, all businesses need a well put together responsive website. Here at PD we’ve been supplying our customers just that for years. However, many companies who approach us have yet to purchase their domain name or web hosting. A business name is often guided by what URLs are available. Always looking to help, we would gladly refer people to other sites for their hosting plans or to register their domains. But we realized as startup specialists, it is our duty to provide entrepreneurs with as many resources as possible. The launch of SpaceHost is another step along the road to being a one-stop-shop for startups.

Why SpaceHost?

Two words: Convenience and Value. Adding these services allows our customers the convenience of purchasing a domain name, web hosting, security, web development, and branding all in one place. In short, you can come to us with your idea and name and leave us with everything needed to begin marketing and business operations. All with the guarantee of high quality and reliable service that Peralta Design has provided for years. Furthermore, for an affordable price customers can purchase Web hosting with:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plus more

We have packages to suit all sizes and types of businesses.

Ready for launch? Visit us today to get your business off of the ground!

We Launch Brands®

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Creative Director, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Founder of Peralta Design
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