Does Instagram seem impossible? It took us 4 times to get it right! Check out how we did it.

Before we started our new instagram strategy, we had our goal: Drive users to our page where they see the value and quality of our work and our team. And then we did some research. We looked at some of our competitors and we compiled them. We selected a few favorites for different reasons and presented it to the team.

These are great options for our feed image. Our very favorite was the first one, they were clean, they presented their work, and promoted their clients. However, we want to also provide information, so we also loved the one all the way to the right. It was also clean, while providing informational posts. So with this in mind, PD began our instagram strategy journey.

So here was our first approach. We want to promote our clients, while also promoting our work and the different types of work we do. This looked awesome until we ran into a few issues.

1. We were not providing information

2. We didn’t have enough consistent content.

3. Ramon wanted us to share more of the PD culture

So we try again, here we decided to add in some motivational quotes and information. Still had the clean look but did not have the PD environment so to the ‘Big Red’ we go.

So we shake it all up! Here we have all the elements we want to share, the culture, the portfolio, the information, and motivational quotes. BUT we really needed that clean look. Remember the goal: Drive users to our page where they see the value and quality of our work and our team.

Fourth time’s a charm! Oh wait, was it supposed to be on the third? Our final instagram feed. The first column will display our work. The middle column will provide valuable information. Our last column will show the PD culture! All while remaining clean!  

In conclusion, it wasn’t easy, but without trial and error, we would have never succeeded! Don’t be scared to try.

Peralta Design is an award winning, full service digital creative agency (with offices in Shelton, CT and Palm Coast, FL). We help entrepreneurs, startups, and small to mid-size businesses launch new products or services across multiple customer touch-points. We develop brand identity and brand strategy, create digital marketing strategies, develop websites and mobile apps, create dynamic explainer videos and even develop content for brands of all sizes. Our tagline says it all: We Launch Brands!®

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